​Mutah University

The Faculty of Sports Sciences

The Department of Sports Training

The vision:

Preparing a distinguished, qualified and high level graduate in all the levels.

The message:

The message of the Department of Sports Training is derived from the importance of training science, which is considered as the basis of elite sports superiority, in that the distinctive and qualitative scientific preparation for the graduates of the department contributes to the supplying the teams and clubs with professionals  who do their efforts in order to promote the level of sport at the local and international levels.

The objectives:

The department's objectives are derived from the educational field of the university and in accordance with the country's policy in general. These objectives include:

       1.    Preparing a highly-qualified Sports Coaches.

       2.    Preparing specialists in the fields of sports training.

       3.    Conducting scientific researches in the different fields of training.

     4.    Cooperating with the sports federations, the Olympic Committee as well as the sports clubs.

     5.    Serving the local community by providing sports training specialists in the different types of games.​