Department Of Physical Education


To work reconnaisance and distinction between the departments and faculties of physical education on the local, regional and international levels.


The message of physical education department springs out of the sports science message which based on the foundation of scientific distinction ,so that the department of physical education seeks to contribute in development of some sporting fields that depend on the physical education in Jordan through the qualitative preparation of the graduates.

The department of physical education also seeks to distinction in the specialized scientific research to develop the competences and skills of the graduates.

To achieve this message, the department of physical education seeks to advance through scientific methodology and cooperation with the various educational and sporting institutions and organizations in the local community.

The Goals Of Department

The department seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. Preparing competence teachers for physical education with high efficiency.
  2. Preparing a specialist to work in instruction, training and sporting management.
  3. Execute scientific research and studies in the various fields of the physical education.
  4. The effective contribution with the state and private bodies to provide the scientific practical and specialized consultation.
  5. Cooperate with Arab and international sports institutions and organizations in studying issues and matters concern the physical education.
  6. Continue the development of physical education programs in line with the scientific and technological advancement.
  7. Proceeding providing voluntary services to the local community in the physical education domain.