Dear visitors, Welcome to the page of the College of Sports Sciences / Mutah University.  The college, which began as a department of physical education in the College of Educational Sciences in the academic year 1993/1992, followed by the opening of the specialization of a teacher in the field of physical education.  With the expansion of the university in offering its various academic programs, and to complement its specialized faculties, the College of Sports Sciences was established at the beginning of the academic year 1999/2000.

 Currently, the College of Sports Sciences is going with all its sisters from the university's colleges, bearing the responsibility of graduating qualified academic youth from the sports side, through the Department of Physical Education, Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Training, where students study under the supervision of a group of teachers, where the college is distinguished by the presence of a number of professors  Those with long and prestigious experiences, and a number of young teachers with a fragrant scientific reputation.

 Today, the college includes various buildings and facilities, the most important of which is a multi-purpose hall that can accommodate about three thousand spectators, in addition to four subsidiary halls for gymnastics, rhythmic exercises, fitness, a physiology laboratory, a computer laboratory, and an Olympic quarter swimming pool, as well as two squash courts, and multi-purpose outdoor courts.  .  At the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year, a football field surrounded by an athletics track was opened to be added to the college facilities.

 And in the belief of the College of Sports Sciences and Management that it is necessary to adapt and the changes taking place in the sports fields, and in line with the needs of the labor market, the College seeks to open a department for sports training and develop its sports facilities, and based on the concept of social responsibility, the College has been and still provides support to the local community by harnessing its financial potential  And humanity to serve the sports and youth sectors in Karak Governorate by opening stadiums, swimming pools and college halls to train classified sports teams in the governorate, holding specialized scientific courses for the local community, and awarding local, continental and international certificates in training and arbitration of various sports, in cooperation with sports federations and the Jordan Olympic Committee.

  You are always the focus of our attention, you are welcome