Athletic Training Department

 The Department of Sports Training at the College of Sports Sciences was opened in the year 2018, in response to the requirements of excellence in governmental and institutional performance that Mutah University aspires to, and to provide a number of qualified trainers in the sports field to lead the helm of Jordanian sports, in line with the royal aspirations in the educational and practical fields, and based on  The strategic plan of Mutah University, which is based on the vision of His Majesty the King.

 This department was established as a third department in the College of Sports Sciences with the Departments of Physical Education and the Department of Sports Rehabilitation, and thus the departments of the college are comprehensive with all the meaning of the name of the College of Sports Sciences, which is concerned with all areas and aspects of local, regional and global sports

 This department (specialization) is the first at the level of Jordanian universities and educational institutions to award a bachelor's degree.